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Legal entity LAKEVIEW AGENCY LLC is a business company registered in Georgia with the business ID "18076622". This business type is "Domestic Limited Liability Company". This business was created on "6/19/2018". Current business status is "Active/Compliance". This business registered office address is "6078 PIERLESS AVE, SUGAR HILL, GA, 30518, USA".

Business Information

Business ID: 18076622 Business Status: Active/Compliance
Business Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company NAICS Code:
Registration Date: 6/19/2018 State of Formation: Georgia
Business Address: 6078 PIERLESS AVE, SUGAR HILL, GA, 30518, USA

Registered Agent Information

Agent Name: Bryson Law Firm, P.C.
Physical Address: 4045 Smithtown Road, Suite K, Suwanee, GA, 30024, USA
County: Gwinnett

Business in SUGAR HILL

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COOPER SECURITY ASSOCIATES LLC18075984 Admin. Dissolved6/18/2018
Elite Cheers USA Inc.18083117 Admin. Dissolved6/18/2018
Poly Resource, LLC18077888 Admin. Dissolved6/18/2018
Wrighthouse Solutions LLC18077872 Admin. Dissolved6/18/2018
Ante Meridiem Records LLC,18077501 Active/Compliance6/17/2018
Broadwater Enterprises LLC18077415 Active/Compliance6/15/2018
All Dance EAST, LLC18076895 Terminated6/14/2018
MTI Consulting LLC18074354 Active/Compliance6/12/2018
TA Intermedia LLC18075276 Admin. Dissolved6/11/2018
Wrightworks Wood, LLC18071725 Active/Compliance4/12/2018
CATSEYE SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS, LLC18074209 Active/Compliance6/11/2018
Abvan Properties, LLC18078238 Active/Compliance6/8/2018
Best Freight Shipping Limited Liability Company18072374 Active/Compliance6/8/2018
Shear Chemistry LLC18072304 Admin. Dissolved6/7/2018
SG Real Estate Services LLC18072032 Active/Compliance6/7/2018
Ali & Christian HVAC Mechanical, LLC18071737 Terminated6/6/2018
JBT ENTERPRISES INC18073465 Active/Compliance6/6/2018
genx security llc18071334 Active/Compliance6/6/2018
D&J PAINTING AND REMODELING LLC18070993 Admin. Dissolved6/5/2018