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Legal entity CSH DUNWOODY LP is a business company registered in Georgia with the business ID "07026294". This business type is "Foreign Limited Partnership". This business was created on "3/26/2007". Current business status is "Withdrawn". This business registered office address is "100 MILVERTON DRIVE , UNIT 700, Mississauga, Ontario, CAN".

Business Information

Business Name: CSH DUNWOODY LP
Business ID: 07026294 Business Status: Withdrawn
Business Type: Foreign Limited Partnership NAICS Code: NONE
Registration Date: 3/26/2007 State of Formation:
Business Address: 100 MILVERTON DRIVE , UNIT 700, Mississauga, Ontario, CAN

Registered Agent Information

Agent Name: NONE
Physical Address: NONE
County: NONE

Business in Mississauga

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CSH OPERATOR GP LLC07026283 Withdrawn3/26/2007
FORSYTH HOLDINGS, INC.07020642 Revoked3/8/2007
AYA KITCHENS OF THE CAROLINAS, INC.08075970 Revoked9/24/2008
TIGERTEL COMMUNICATIONS INC.08058142 Revoked6/25/2008
TRAPEZE ITS U.S.A., LLC09078011 Withdrawn11/6/2009
STAEDTLER-MARS LIMITED10026685 Active/Compliance4/9/2010
CHINADA HOLDINGS, INC.11092014 Active/Compliance12/9/2011
ROSE GARDEN PROPERTIES, LLC11076576 Admin. Dissolved10/11/2011
MANDY'S BEAUTY SUPPLY, LLC11057760 Admin. Dissolved8/1/2011
THE NUANCE GROUP (ATLANTA), LLC11010840 Withdrawn2/7/2011
LIVELARGE LLC12098678 Terminated12/20/2012
FUGRO CANADA CORP.12082628 Active/Compliance10/12/2012
L.I.F.T. Training Corp.12077795 Active/Compliance9/27/2012
ST GERMAIN PASTRY(USA) INC.12068681 Active/Compliance7/5/2012
FUGRO ROADWARE INC.12028326 Withdrawn3/23/2012
9600 INVESTMENTS CHARANIA, LLLP13475429 Active/Noncompliance12/3/2013
CANAMMEATS INC.13471603 Withdrawn12/6/2013
Contingent Workforce Solutions USA Inc.13440170 Revoked8/7/2013
SOTI Inc.13413873 Active/Compliance5/14/2013
ALLIUM ENTERPRISE, INC.14051152 Admin. Dissolved5/15/2014